Capture your thoughts and special moments throughout the day.

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iCloud Support

Capture 365 Journal supports Apple’s iCloud syncing platform. So no matter where you are, you can always write in your journal and have the data synchronised to your other iOS and Mac devices.

Capture 365 Journal iCloud Sync
Capture 365 Journal Multiple Image Attachment

Multiple Photos Per Entry

You can attach as many photos as you want to each entry. Each photo can be viewed in full screen with a built in zoom feature.


Capture 365 Journal supports multiple tags for each journal entry. Tags are a lot like categories – they are added to your journals to help you sort and organise your entries later.

Capture 365 Journal Tagging System
 Capture 365 Journal Location Enhanced

Location & Weather Enhanced

A location can be attached to each of your journal entries, helping you pin point where the event happened. A snapshot of the current weather can also be recorded.

Export Support

You can export out each journal entry individually or from a date range within the application. The following export methods are supported:

  • PDF
  • Print
  • Email
  • Plain Text
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
 Capture 365 Journal Customise Fonts


Your journal, your style! You can customise the displaying options for your journal with various font styles and sizes.

Passcode Security with Touch ID support

Keep your journal safe from prying eyes. Lock down the journal with a passcode or your fingerprint so only you can view it.

 Capture 365 Journal Passcode View