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Features at a glance

Here are some of the great features available in Capture 365 Journal…

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    Cloud Sync

    Sync your journals across to all your devices (Mac & iOS). Supports iCloud, Dropbox.

  • Encryption

    Cloud Data Encryption

    Ability to encrypt the data stored on the cloud with a private key.

  • Direct Sync

    365 Direct Sync

    Sync your journals without the use of a cloud service. Sync directly across to your other devices over your local network.

  • Shared Sync

    Shared Sync

    Create, edit, view and sync your journals with other people such as family and friends. (Available with 365+)

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    Automatically import calendar events and other activities into your journal with feeds. Other feed sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, RSS and Instagram are also available.

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    Automated Backups

    Create backups to keep your memories safe. Backups can be stored locally or on iCloud.

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    Attach as many photos and videos as you want to each of your journal entries.

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    Location & Weather

    A location can be attached to your journal and the weather will also be recorded at the time.

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    Secure your journal with a passcode. It even supports Touch ID on iOS.

  • Export


    Export your journals beautifully as a PDF or RTF file.

  • Multiple Journals

    Multiple Journals

    Have as many journals you want. It can be personal, work, family or anything else.

  • Templates

    Custom Templates

    Create custom templates to quickly insert into your entries.

  • Themes


    Customise the colour of your journal with various themes.

  • Formating

    Rich Text Formatting

    Text in your journal can support bold, underline, italic and multiple font styles and sizes.

  • 365+ Automation

    365+ Automation*

    Automatic journaling. Automatically import photos and create entries based on places you have visited. All you have to do is keep your device in your pocket. *Requires additional purchase on iOS.

^ Some features currently not available on Android

  • Capture 365 Journal iPhones

    Capture Everything

    Capture 365 Journal will help you capture life moments with multiple photos, videos and rich text.

  • Desktop & Mobile

    Multiplatform support. Create entries while at work or when you are out on holidays. Your journals will be with you and in sync on iOS and Mac.

    Capture 365 Journal Mac
  • Capture 365 Journal iPad and iPhone

    Feature Packed

    Multiple photo and videos support per journal, multi-tagging, location and weather enhanced and automated events and posts importing.

  • Apple Watch

    Quickly create entries on the go and view most recent entries with the included Apple Watch App.

    Capture 365 Journal Watch App

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